Flourish Energetics Self-Mastery Model

Meet ZsaZsa

I am ZsaZsa Daniel a Wayshower, New Earth Guardian, Light Anchor and Creator of the Flourish Energetics Self-Mastery model.

I am in service to Source, humanity and all natural kingdoms during the accelerated shift in consciousness here on Gaia.

In linear terms, my skill set is abundant and encompasses multiple disciplines. These include senior leadership, transformational development and relationship coaching, energetics, NLP, hypnotherapy for people and dogs, interspecies communication, canine behaviour training, Canine Flow Mastery, Creative painter, writer, voice-artist and I am the founder and creator of the Flourish Energetics© Self-Mastery model, which I developed in 2018 to assist humanity to live excellent expansive flourishing lives.

My intention is to guide and support you on your journey to Self-Mastery.

Call forth WONDERMENT into your precious life experience and flourish.
Activate your infinite gift. Apply yourself with focussed purpose, in service to the collective.

I am excited and passionate about awakening, awareness, ascension, conscious living, intention setting and working with higher aspects during the great shift.

I practice what I share and live from my heart. I create and encourage expansive ways of BEing that align with higher frequencies. We are quantum, everything is happening now.
We each have immense power and must focus on responsible creations and solutions to support our Planet and all earthly inhabitants (all life on Earth)

Creativity, processing, integrations, adjustments, activations, stillness and explorations are all part of the New Earth preparation tool kit. New Earth embraces authentic power, integrity, multi-dimensionality, harmony, gentleness and JOY. It is time to return to the 'garden' and remember the joy and playfulness of our pure heart's essence. Whether you realise it or not, there are huge realm shifts occurring here on Earth. Mastering the self will support your integration of higher frequencies during these changing 'times'.

How I can serve you:

Flourish Energetics© Self-Mastery Model, offers guidance in all key areas of your life. I can support you to align with your higher purpose. Allow more harmony, clarity and resonance into your daily flow. We are all walking our own individual paths and there's no right or wrong path. Each BEing is a divine and perfect expression of God/Source. I am able to support individuals during all stages of their journey. As quantum BEings there are no starts or ends to this. You will experience enhanced awareness, opportunities, empowerment, self mastery, transcendence, fulfilment, better health and abundance, if you allow yourself to! An open heart that is committed to its higher purpose, in service to Source, feels good. You will keep flourishing through these changing times, with ease and grace if you are devoted and committed to your PRACTICE. I will support you to get good at your PRACTICE!

Specifically, I can help you to:
  • Define where you wish to be in key areas of your life. This will involve being open to new possibilities, to seeing the world through new eyes.
  • Identify and work on letting go of limiting beliefs, that so far have been holding you back. 
  • Develop and refine your skills in intention setting, actioning, positive self talk and redirection. Here you will identify what you need to do to create a life of flourishing where the possibilities are endless.
  • Make it happen. Make significant changes in key areas of your life, live a life of flourishing and self-mastery. 
  • Implement and monitor how you are doing. Make energising adjustments along the way.
  • Celebrate the rewards of the seeds that you have sewn. This of course is an important element in your journey of transformation. The power of gratitude and celebrating your steps along the way brings enhanced magic and joy to your heart.
My Services:
  • one-to-one sessions (in person or via Zoom)
  • Classes in Creative Expression (via Zoom)
  • Classes in Relaxation for Dogs and their HUmans (via Zoom)
  • Inspirational, practical process guidance and messages via Video for higher light embodiment 
  • and much more
My purpose:

I offer services in self-mastery to those that are awakening, aware and wishing to expand their consciousness.


  • To lovingly inspire and empower others so that they feel confident in their own bodies and trust in themselves. As they keep expanding into greater realms of fulfilment, purpose and beauty.
  • In service to God/source, humanity, Gaia, and all natural kingdoms, it is my intention to create peacefully, with gentleness and integrity from a pure loving heart.
  • To create heart based, high frequency content to assist with the Ascension process.
  • To encourage adoption, fostering and inclusion of all dogs and other animals into loving forever homes.
  • Advocate of Vegan, plant based and organic living.
  • To teach transmutation, transformation and grand alchemy for those willing to heal their physical bodies against all odds.
  • To plant and bless as many individual trees and forests of trees throughout the Planet. I LOVE trees and tree guardianship is a vital part of my daily NOW.

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