Five daily disciplines that will empower you to live a flourishing life

Successful people know that powerful habits are a great building block upon which to create more of the same.  This is why you must learn to adopt new habits if your life is not progressing in the way that you would like.

We are all capable of learning new habits; all it takes is a little discipline and the passion to want to create powerful change in one’s life.  

Below I highlight five daily disciplines that if adopted will empower you to live a flourishing life.


Begin each morning by sending out thanks to the universe/god. Be specific and express thanks for circumstances, people and feelings. Keep sending out that gratefulness into the ether and be sure to feel it from your heart.


Take time to invest in your health.  While nutrition is vitally important, if you make exercise habitual you will find that you will naturally want to choose more healthy eating options.


Everything that we want is within us.  Great realisations come about when we take time to sit in silent meditation, reflect and allow wisdom to flow through us.  The more time spent in meditation the better. It will give you more clarity to organise and manage your day. To commence, why not start with five minutes each morning. Sit comfortably in a quiet spot. Focus on the coming and going of the breath around the nostrils. Be gentle. Don’t set any expectations. Just allow what is, to be.


Take notice and be present in all that you do.  This is the same as practising mindfulness.  When you eat, taste and savour your food.  When you communicate with others, be sure to listen to what they are saying.  When you speak, be sure to communicate with ‘heart’.  Concentrate on each task that you perform throughout the day and set yourself challenges to improve on where you are right now. For instance, if you are trying to clean up your language, change harsh words for ones that are more buoyant, light and positive.  Everything in life is made up of frequency and vibration and that includes words. By the power of the Law of Attraction ‘like attracts like’.  If you use harsh words, you are aligning yourself with lower energy frequencies which are likely to be detrimental to your energetic system. 

Love and Kindness

To demonstrate love and kindness is strength.  Uplift other people and concentrate on their better aspects; this will single you out as a person of integrity.  Your kindness will inspire others and consequently attract more kind and loving people to you.


Express gratitude and the universe will continue to deliver.  Exercise with focus and feel your energy rise. Meditate and open up your field of opportunity.  Practice awareness and elevate your state of consciousness.  Offer love and kindness in your interactions with all life, and light the way for more of the same to return to you.  

Good habits expand and reach others in beautiful and touching ways.  When you feel the flow of life, connected to all through a pure heart, the universe opens up to you like a flower in blossom. It is in this delicious space that grace and magic happen; this is what it means to be flourishing.

By ZsaZsa Daniel  8th August 2018