Flourish:  Give 'Presence' to others at Christmas

Flourish: Give ‘Presence’ to others at Christmas

There are many takes on how and why we should celebrate the Christmas season.  Having heard opposing views over the last weeks and years, I feel inspired to share a few words with you on the topic. 

What is presence?

The ability to give our full focussed attention to another person or being.  Though giving presence is a skill that can be learned, initially at least, it takes a concentrated effort and determination to direct our undivided attention toward another. 

Why should we give presence?

Ultimately, giving presence to another is the most generous and loving gift that we can offer.

We are born to share experience, evolve and elevate our collective consciousness as beings.  We are each connected to one another, therefore when we operate from our hearts and love openly, we remove expectations, judgements and feelings of detachment.

Three ways you will benefit from giving presence:

  1. Like attracts like.  Whatever you give comes back to you.  This is a universal law - The Law of Attraction.  By power of intention, when you intend good energy towards others, you encourage the return of good energy back to you. You flourish.
  2. Giving presence in an open hearted, warm and compassionate manner means that you encourage truth and clarity.  Practising presence enables reciprocation. In this safe space of awareness, you learn how to accept presence in return. 
  3. Practising presence exercises and empowers the brain.  New neural pathways evolve which in turn inhibit the development of lower frequency emotions. 

Three ways others will benefit from receiving your gift of presence:

  1. They will feel a true connection with you.  They will feel loved, cared for, acknowledged, valued, heard and included. 
  2. They will flourish, surrounded in your positive light.
  3. They will be blessed with opportunities to experience more freedom.  Freedom arises for others when thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions are released to unblock stagnant energies, which in turn are transformed and recirculated internally.

How can we give more presence?

  1. Listen.  Allow others to express themselves openly so that they may come to know themselves better.  Listen without interruption. Non-interruption means refraining from actively formulating your point of view, your response, while others are communicating. Engage all your senses to the benefit of others, and, offer them full voice in a space that is safe. 
  2. Eye contact.  Where you place your gaze and its intensity, may or may not encourage relaxation and the feeling of security in another.  Employ conscious intuition and love. Know when direct eye contact is counter-productive. Be aware too of both your and another’s body language. Make use of and encourage open rather than closed gesturing.
  3. Non-judgment.  ‘When we judge another, we do not define them, we define ourselves’ said the late Dr Wayne Dyer.  Practise offering presence from a place of unconditional love.

Should we celebrate Christmas? 

As human beings we all want to feel loved and appreciated.  The Christmas season provides an ideal opportunity to practise giving and receiving presence.  Practise with truth and authenticity.  Offer presence to your loved ones, strangers and others over the festive season and ‘pay it forward’ into the new year and beyond.  Offer presence from a place of love without judgement or expectation. And so yes, celebrate with presence. Flourish!

ZsaZsa Daniel

December, 2018