With LOVE to flourish on Valentine's Day and beyond.

With love to flourish on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

LOVE is a beautiful thing

Real love is pure, gentle and kind in its offering. A love that encompasses all of life. Real love enriches our lives for there is great wisdom in open heartedness. That magical essence and inner joy comes from assisting and empowering others to live happier lives.

Why we need LOVE to flourish

Love is nourishment. Love heals. Love continues after we leave our physical bodies. Love is the freedom to be who we were born to be. Love accepts us unconditionally.

We all want to experience romantic love, well most of us do. To feel cherished by another helps us to feel safe, valued, special and confident.

But could we feel that way if we were without a partner?

Yes, I believe that we must learn to truly love and appreciate ourselves first. Knowing how to love ourselves and all aspects within ourselves, including our flaws, is a key component to teach others how to love us too. Until we know how to love ourselves, how are we able to show others how to love us!

St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is recognised as a day to celebrate romantic love. St. Valentine martyred long ago on this day. He performed marriages amongst other things for those being persecuted by the Romans. St. Valentine was a non-conformist. He did not stick within perimeters. Instead he did what he could to be of service to his fellow human beings.

What if St. Valentine were still alive today?

We can guess, or intuitively feel how St. Valentine may wish for this day to progress.

Times change. The most important point that commercialism leaves out, is that St. Valentine offered his services in love and through love to uplift humanity. Therefore, I doubt that he would want to see those without a romantic partner feel lack, whilst others post pictures of their cards and flowers.

Some people feel sad today

We each have the responsibility to choose how we feel in any given moment. But let us not forget that some people struggle more than others. We should include our brothers and sisters. Despite what we may think or judge them to be, everyone is worthy of love and everyone has the ability to give love.

We help others to express themselves by leading the way with love. Therefore, we should extend our love to everyone and all of life on this day.

Give LOVE today and beyond

POSITIVELY AFFIRM: I love all expressions of life. People and animals respond openly to my innate loving nature. I love them and they love me.