CARING for your Dog's EARS

CARING for your Dog’s EARS

Your dog has a HEARING capability vastly superior to your own. Each day, dogs come into contact with NOISE, way beyond their comfort zone. Their ears are sensitive. As humans, we know what happens to our own hearing when subjected to a excessive din. Therefore, please be aware of how you can care for your DOG’S EARS.

Let’s take a moment, to consider the following:

Do you:

  • Play loud music in your home?
  • Have your dog’s bed in a noisy location?
  • Take your dog to loud, enclosed spaces eg. Coffee houses, pubs etc.
  • Have your television on at full volume?
  • Have electronic devices in your home? These emit frequencies that dogs can perceive, even if we cannot.
  • Play loud instruments?
  • Notice your dog’s discomfort at the sound of banging metal, like a trailer being towed behind a car?

Why are these considerations important to be brought into our awareness?

Dogs have a sensitive sense of hearing. What can be uncomfortable for us, in terms of volume, can be painful for dogs. It can also be a cause for anxiety and other behaviours associated with stress.

Dogs have a really sensitive sense of hearing. Therefore, just imagine how overwhelming everyday living can be for them. Now imagine those numerous dogs that are constantly going back and forth from the vets with ear infections. Ouch.

Have you ever been in a room or place that has been so loud that it has stressed you out? Have you ever felt sick because the volume was so loud? Have you ever felt ill because the sound was not compatible with your own frequency?

What can you do to make changes to create greater comfort for your dog’s ears?

First of all, I invite you to consider your dog’s diet, if they are prone to ear infections. Kibble is NOT the best choice of food for your dog. If I were to suggest that you live off highly cooked foods for your entire life, devoid of fresh nutrition, you would find yourself lacking in energy and eventually your energetic system would struggle. Dogs need to eat real, fresh food.

Be mindful of the volume in which you watch your television and play your music. If your dog must accompany you to loud places, like coffee shops etc. then be sure to give them time to relax their ears when you get home. Their bed is best kept in a quiet spot, away from the stream of household traffic and noise.

Service dogs have a divine purpose to help many people to live their lives more joyfully by assisting them to have greater freedom. These dogs have a sober steady disposition, but they still need their peace each day so that they continue to provide excellent service.

Practice mindfulness with your dog. Think about how you feel in relation to loud bangs and excessive noise. Now imagine how your dog feels. Remember you have the power of choice to turn down the volume.

Be kind and CARE for your dog’s ears.

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