Caring for your dog's NOSE

Your dog has a nose capability way beyond your own. Each day, dogs come into contact with a vast array of toxins. So, you need to be aware of how you can care for your DOG’S NOSE.

Let’s take a moment, to look about your home, just to be NOSEY.

Do you have:

  • detergents
  • bleach
  • tumble dryer sheets
  • plug-ins
  • scented candles
  • joss sticks
  • air fresheners
  • cigarette smoke or even vape fumes

Do you wear perfume?

How about your car, has your car got one of those scented odour beaters hanging from the inside mirror?

How do you gauge if something smells too strong?

Now take a moment to consider the smell of petrol and diesel fumes. What about the pesticides in the public park spaces, do you think they could affect your dog too?

Why are these products an issue to your dog’s nose?

Dogs have a sensitive and sophisticated sense of smell. They can perceive odours at great distances. Their sense of smell is vastly superior to humans because their olfactory system has such an extensive capability. Not all dogs are equal of course, some have heightened nose sense for their type, whilst some breeds have a specifically bred in genetic trait which humans have used for their advantage over years and years. German Shepherds, for instance are able to track down missing persons going on scent that could be days, weeks old.

Since dogs quite clearly have a really sensitive sense of smell, just imagine how overwhelming everyday household products must be to their noses?

Have you ever been in a room that smelt so overbearing that you felt sick, got a headache or could not wait to leave? I know I have. I have a sensitive nose amongst humans.  But even my less nose abled humans can attest to this, it’s no fun being forced to smell something we do not like. It can alter how we feel, make us physically sick and alter our mood. So, imagine the stress inflicted on dogs. Some are left indoors all day, with the windows closed and plug-ins in every room.

What can you do to make changes to create greater comfort for your dog’s nose?

First of all, responsibly ditch the plug-ins, scented candles, bleach and heavily laden chemicals. If you smoke then you might now opt to do this outside, knowing how stressful it is to your dog. (Better still, give up) Open a window or leave the backdoor open if you decide to light a joss stick or enjoy them outside. Obviously cleaning your home is still important and there are some alternative cleaners that will begin you on your path.

  • Buy some white vinegar, bicarbonate soda and lemons.
  • Buy a spray bottle and pour in equal measure half water, half white vinegar.  Place the rind of the lemon in the bottle and allow to infuse for a week or two.  This is your new multi purpose cleaner.
  • Bicarbonate of soda is you new heavy duty cleaner.  

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With love ZsaZsa x