Conscious Animal Friendships, an introduction.

Yesterday, I met an adorable 10 weeks old peach speckled Cocker Spaniel puppy. 

The man who held this small creature in his arms, was clearly besotted. I asked the man if I might say hello to his puppy and he kindly said yes. I politely lowered my head and averted my eyes until I was looking into the space beside the little dog’s back and the man’s arm.

"Hello little one, it's so nice to meet you"

I moved my hand close to her. Carefully and gently, allowing space and time for her to make my acquaintance. Her little nose sniffed my hand before she gave me a reassuring lick. Despite being a baby, the little puppy had an awareness about her. She acknowledged that I had been respectful, in the way that I had greeted her.

I have always adored animals. However, I realise that there have been times where I have been less consciously aware. In the past, I may have squealed 'puppy' and dived in and swamped the animal with my energy and lack of consideration and awareness. Most people I know would find it hard to resist a puppy. Sometimes, what people want has little or nothing to do with what the puppy wants. We think of ourselves. We want to stroke the puppy. Therefore, we forget to take time to connect and sympathise with what the puppy may prefer.

There are puppies with different personalities, just as much as humanity is diverse. Some people don't give or like hugs. Some dogs, in fact most dogs do not enjoy receiving hugs, but will tolerate them. Dogs know that it means something to us. I myself will tolerate being licked on the face by a dog, not because I like it, but because I know that giving love is a two-way thing. A dog also likes to show love and appreciation.

I work with many dogs in my line of work. People come to me, to help them communicate with their dog. They expect their dog to demonstrate a desired canine behaviour That they have read about or seen on TV. They are unable to identify that it is only due to their own inadequacies and lack of emotional awareness that their dog is behaving in the way that she/he does. Dogs will reflect everything right back to you.

Imagine that a dog on a lead stops to smell a tree.

The dog's person wants to move on. The person becomes irritated and directs that frustration towards their dog, pulling them by their lead to make them hurry up. The person does not consider any wrong doing in this exchange.

Now imagine a dog running around enjoying the grass beneath their feet as they charge around playing with another dog. The dog's person stands to one side, talking to the other dog's person, and points – they’re thick running around in circles like that!

The people stand there laughing.

I turn up at a client’s house to visit his dog. I enter into the living room and there's no space to move. Beside his chair is a small table with a full ashtray of cigarette butts. The kitchen has a cat toilet next to the animal food bowls. He places some food directly into the dirty bowls. The dog and cat have no space of their own, no bed to call their own, nor fresh air to breathe. This man kind though he appears, is oblivious to anything being sub-standard, this is what he knows.

I could continue to list examples, but the point I wish to make is that even kind people can lack a conscious awareness. They mean no harm. They are at a different stage in life’s journey.

They are not 'wrong'. This kind of pet parenting is fairly ordinary.

Do people desire to be 'better', to improve themselves and raise their awareness? 

I feel that many people are content, not knowing too much, they would rather block out the sound than have to deal with change. But in these times of change, more people are awakening, this is great news for people, animals and the planet.

The dog being dragged away from the lamp post, or the base of the tree can be explained by many a dog owner as - letting the dog know who is in charge! Maybe those people had strict parents or stern authority figures at school who did not allow them the freedom to creatively express themselves?

Animals are much more sensitive than many humans believe. They feel and have emotions. They also pick up emotions from us and reflect them back to us.

I've seen the same lack of awareness in teachers and parents. Over powering their children and paying no attention to their feelings. Adults wrongly assume that because they are older, they must know better than the child or that they can speak to the child in a demeaning manner. It's hardly surprising so many children grow up to be adults with issues.

Obviously, a small child still needs a calm steady hand to cross the road safely. Just as much as a dog does. But a real leader is gentle and loving.

A real animal guardian is gentle and loving. 

Conscious animal friendships are based on trust, love and empathy. The guardian respects their animal companion's sense of space and does not allow anyone to swamp that animal with an energy of disregard.

They observe every detail in their animal friend and aim to be a better guardian each day.

They do not judge their animal as stupid, thick or trying to 'be in charge'. They see that there is always a cause for everything, and they work on solutions. To be a conscious guardian and a conscious companion to your animal, you must always be looking for an opportunity to be kinder, to be more aware, more mindful and more focused on solutions. Do not see behaviour as good or bad, instead see it as a window to understand yourself on a deeper level. Your animal is a soul and has a limited amount of time in their physical body to spend here on earth with you. Enjoy your time together, feed high vibrational foods to yourself and them, clean their bowls and enjoy the preparation of meals for both them and you. Increase the joy in your relationship together, take time to play and say kind words to them. I recommend each day to tell your animal companion just how much you love them. They are here to teach us, and we should gratefully accept their wisdom and learn from them with an open heart.

Positively affirm:

Every day I improve upon myself. I am a conscious, aware, loving and gentle animal guardian. Animals are my friends, they feel loved and appreciated by me. Thank you dear animals that bless my life. I love you.

(you can change this affirmation, using actual names of your animals)

27.08.16 © ZsaZsa Daniel Revised February 2019