Professional canine hypnotherapy

Professional canine hypnotherapy

Canine Flow uses a combination of different methods to bring about change in the dog as opposed to changing a behaviour. When a dog changes, the behaviour changes. When the dog's person changes the possibilities are boundless. There are different types of dog training methods in this world because there are different types of people and their dogs, we each are drawn to our own path, what resonates with me, may not resonate with you.

When I was first introduced to Canine Hypnotherapy as part of my coursework when studying to be a Canine Flow Practitioner I immediately saw the possibilities of how this method of training could influence a dog.

I know the importance of respecting all life and in the cutting of garden herbs, how asking the plant in advance is the most gentle way to harvest. My orchids almost bend towards me as if grateful to hear the words of love I bestow upon them. "I love you, you're beautiful" I say to them, and they respond accordingly, happy and healthy with continuous branches of blooms to cheer my windowsill. I speak to all plants and trees in this way and I know that they benefit from my good intentions. The same can be said for water, we should always aim to bless and send love to water. Water is alive and gives life, it has consciousness it moves and flows and speaks to those ready to listen, as do the plants and trees, as does all life...if these things are possible with plants, trees and water is it not conceivable that it should and must be so with animals?

Language and body language can influence us as human beings, but did you know we can also influence dogs in a similar way! How does this occur when dogs do not think in the same manner as humans do? I explain it as pure intention. Intend it to be so and it shall be. But what happens when we stop intending...does the dog simply revert back to its former ways? No the doggy doesn't. He or she could....if adequate opportunities to release excess energy, appropriate exercise, play, the practice of prey like behaviours such as chasing a ball, sufficient rest etc were withheld though.

I have wondered myself whether results are achievable using professional canine hypnotherapy without the presence of the dog's person. For this reason - could the dog's person be responsible for the shift in the animal due to their beliefs? Similarly, how would results and changes be altered in those dogs with human parents that don't believe in the effectiveness of professional canine hypnotherapy?...have there even been any studies?

Canine Flow Founder, Caroline Griffith created some Canine Hypnotherapy CD's and one of the most fascinating stories of all those dogs that had made remarkable changes from using the CD's alone was a deaf dog. How is that possible you may ask? Pure intention.... or as the late Dr Wayne W Dyer would say ' The Power of Intention' this was his answer to the well discussed 'Law of Attraction'. "You don't attract what you want, but attract what you are". Dogs have a different level of consciousness to humans, they are not able to create and manifest via the power of their thought. But they are pure vibration and they can recall memories based on the feelings they felt at any particular given time. In this instance, the deaf dog would have been allowing the energy of the words played on the CD into his field, creating a vibratory signature that creates waves in the same way that notes of music do. The Professional Canine Hypnotherapist, being aware of the energy behind their words has the power to create beautiful transformations, healing (energy balancing) and joy to those on the receiving end - be they plants, water, our friends, strangers...or our dogs!

In the years that I was studying for my Coaching Diploma one of the first exercises that I did to re calibrate my focus, intention and to self empower myself was to draw up a list of all of the powerful, meaningful and high vibrational words that I liked, enjoyed the sound of and words that I wanted to make habit forming in my vocabulary in order to uplift my team, myself and anyone else to whom I was likely to have an exchange with. I'd voice these words out loud in front of the mirror to observe the expression my face made as I projected them outwardly from my mouth. I'd say these words in different tones in order to unravel the secrets to their vibrational offering. I would consider how they made me feel, then I made it a mission to include these words at least ten times a day until they were safely in my tool kit of happy words. Whether this was a Brian Tracy exercise or Tony Robbins exercise I can't quite remember. Brian Tracy's work were studied on my course and Tony Robbins' is were not... but I study what interests me. Why am I telling you all of this? Well this is an exercise that I have used with various dogs to determine vibrations that they enjoy, so that I can include them in my scripting process when creating a specific script for a one to one session. We all know that dogs respond well to being told how good they are, our voice warms and our eyes smile...they are very in tune with our body language. They wag their tails and their eyes glow as they throw beams of love outwards and to our hearts...but have you ever asked them which words make them joyful or I should say which words sound good to their ears? 

This is what you can do, it's fun... Take a piece of paper and a pencil and think of powerful and good words that you would love to be able to use to describe your dog. Don't worry about how your dog is right now, just focus on happy words you wish to use to describe your dog. For example 'Loving'... say the word 'loving' to your dog a few times and watch their body language. I should also just mention, that when discovering harmonic words to uplift your woofer, be mindful to give them space to move away, if they feel that you are becoming too weird. Another point...they will only feel you are being weird if you accept and believe in yourself that this is normal practice, for it is to me and many others. Another point to consider is that certain words break their natural 'flow' for example a heavy 'No' can be jarring to the stream of energy that flows within them. There are other words that can be used to deter them.... But to return to the high vibing words I wish to discuss, here are some favourites that help increase harmony and may be used as Mantras whilst you are out walking your beloved fury friends: trust, peaceful, joyful, kind, adorable, polite puppy... You get the gist, right? More recently I've been reading Julian Treasure's book 'How to be Heard', secrets of powerful speaking and listening, I recommend everyone should read it for this book really brings conscious thought to the sounds we send out and how sound has the capacity to heal or create stress (Julian Treasure is one of the most inspirational speakers with the greatest number of views on Ted Talks, he's listed in the top ten)

Be mindful of sound, not only for yourself but also for your dog.

The person that your dog spends the most amount of time with is likely to be you. I've mentioned before in previous articles how your dog is like a little emotional sponge, picking up all the energy frequencies that surround him or her. If you are the person that your dog spends the most time with, bare in mind that you are likely to have an emotional impact on your dog's emotional state. Are you all sweary? Do you shout? Is the TV on too loud? Do you walk with heavy feet and make loud bangs as you close doors...are these things that you have considered in the way you go about living life? Sounds such as these impact your dog! The good news is that you can raise your level of consciousness and create a more peaceful environment for yourself and your dog. You can practice kind and happy words together, go on walks and use these words as Mantras to encourage more peace and calm. You can also book a one to one with a Professional Canine Flow Practitioner, in your area to discuss any issues you may have with your dog. Professional Canine Hypnotherapy has great benefits as it works to change the dog. It can be a hard concept to grasp at first, however after 6 to 8 sessions you will see noticeable changes. I believe that dogs do receive the benefits in a class environment but more so on a one to one basis. I also feel that if the dog has a particular person that triggers any behaviour that causes concern, then it's good to meet them too. Often the dogs bring people with them that need help. I have seen numerous dog parents change and become more peaceful and relaxed just through supporting their dogs through a group of sessions of Professional Canine Hypnotherapy. The beauty of life shows us that there are many ways to reach a destination but enjoying the journey along the way is an important aspect of that. If we are continuously stressed out and tense we are going to create dis-ease within the body. Therefore we should always look for ways to bring more peace to ourselves and our dogs so that we can enjoy a good relationship and happy joyful adventures together.

By ZsaZsa Daniel 12th January 2018