Practice Qualities of Mastery NOW

Why qualities of Mastery are vital practices   

If struggles are your norm, why not dare to practice empowering ways of being? 

Mastery, is a state of consciousness available to all. The key is to practice qualities of Mastery. Then you may change your trajectory onto a positive direction. 

What is Mastery anyway? 

Mastery encompasses abundant qualities. The most notable aspects are these: 


All Masters hold a peaceful, tranquil presence. They are able to see all situations and experiences with a higher perspective. Therefore, they do not engage in lower-level ways of being such as drama or gossip. To maintain their calm state of being they are selective in where they place their energy. And what they focus upon. They are meticulous in revering each precious moment. They utilise their gifted human life experience with relaxed calm intention.


A master walks a compassionate path. They have often experienced intense initiations, themselves. Therefore, they understand the human condition with all of the temptations and distractions. Since they are devoted to service, to God/Source/Creator they carry no judgements to anyone or anything, for we are all one with God/Source/Creator and all that is. We have all faced temptation and acted unkindly or unconsciously. Part of our expansion relies on us making mistakes, so that we may learn. Forgive and let go.


All true masters practice every day, for the majority of the day, if not, all of the day. They practice stilling their mind, breathwork, energy work and heart coherence. They are motivated to keep in alignment with the truth of who they are. They are attentive and aware to every subtle nuance or feeling. Most of all, they focus. Placing all of their attention into the moment. When they practice, their mind becomes still and the heart as an open conduit of pure source energy. The practice goes beyond what most people perceive as meditation, their whole day becomes a meditation. 

What might a Master Practice to hone their inner gifts? 

One of the principal elements to a Master’s practice, is to meditate. Meditation is not always practiced in stillness. Meditation can be in movement. But with all effective meditation, the meditator becomes the practice. They surrender, they practice non-resistance. They move or hold stillness in conscious awareness and flow, in presence. The thinking mind silenced, the heart expanded, (as in the fields of energy, that encompass the heart’s energetic point.) 

Is it sustainable to live from a place of Mastery

Absolutely, yes. In the beginning, the discipline needed to ingrain the practices into your beingness may take some ‘time’. You must create new neural pathways and accept the new practices as blessings to your life experience. If you practice in a place of resistance, you will pinch yourself off from the flourishing flow of source energy. Be open to receive the blessings of empowering new practices. Once you have gathered some momentum with your practices, then you will notice a distinct betterment to your way of living. You will then love and embrace your daily practice with a joyful willing heart. As you continue your practice, your conscious awareness will expand and you will be able to move through your day emanating compassion, calmness and radiance. 


Can everyone become a Master? Yes, this is in the field of potential possibilities for all.